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Voici le pod cast hebdomadaire.
Bonne éécoute

Positive Station(Podcast 73)

Talawa: … t-73-bfcnh
Mixcloud: … odcast-73/

- Alpha Blondy And The Wailers- Come To Me(LP")/ VP Records
- I' Dentity- So Much Confusion(12") / La Productions
- Tony Brutus- Water Pistol(12")/ Pressure Sounds
- Errol Dunkley- Silver Rain+Rain By Dunk All Star(12")/ Dunks International Records
- Johnny Osbourne- No Lollipop No Sweet So+Version By Roots Radics Band (7")/ Volcano
- Mad Professor-Java Gone Crazy(LP")/ Ariwa Sounds
- Sankara Warriors Meet Hornsman Koyote-Brimstone And Fire+Brimstone And Dougie By Dougie Wardrop Special Dub Mix(12") Lumumba Records
- Tomaski- Walk Tall+ Tall Dub(7")/ Livication Corner
- Mighty Prophet- Warriors Advance+Warriors Dub(7")/ Higher Regions Records
- Ackboo Feat M8cky Banton- Turn Up The Amplifier+Turn Up The Version By Nabil Mostafa(12")/ Tanta Records

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Salut à toutes et à tous !
Voici le dernier enregistrement.
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Positive Station(Podcast 74)

Talawa: … t-74-ZgrbT
Mixcloud: … odcast-74/
- Ras michael And The Sons Of Negus-  Surferation(LP") / Reachout International Records
- Ital Foundation- Reueal(LP")/ Edmar Records
- Cultivator- Spanish Town(12") / Cultivator
- Yabby "U"- Lady Lady (12")/   King Sounds
- Congo Ashanti Roy/Singers And Players-Break Down The Pressure(10")/  On-U Sound Discoplate
- The Norris Reid- I Wanna Love Jah(Discomix)(12")/  Roots Vibes
- Dabba Makourejah-Rejoice + Redub(Melodica Part)(12")/  Drum Sound Production
- Prophet-Jah Children Never Cry+  Jah Children Never Cry Dub (10")/  Roots Awakening
- STA-Machinist on Wann (LP") / Control Tower

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Salute à toutes et à tous
Voici le nouveau podcast de la semaine:

Positive Station(Podcast 75)
Talawa: … t-75-mWnz5
Mixcloud: … odcast-75/

-   Skinshape- Soul groove(7")/  Horus Records
-   Nichola Richards- Going Back Where I Belong(LP)/  Horus Records
-   Ronnie Davis- Make Haste + Warning Dub By Horus(7")/  Horus Records
-   Clinton Fearon- Togetherness+Version(7")/  Horus Records
-   Shaka Black- Righteous Day+Unrighteous Dub By Horus And Al(7")/  Horus Records
-   Shaka Black- Pick Myself Up + Four Quebec Lima Dub(LP)/  Horus Records
-   Winston Reedy And Salute'- How Long Rastafary(Medley)+ Bamboo Beef By Salute'(7")/  R.I.T.S
-    Hortense Ellis- Hell And Sorow+ Repatriation Dub(7")/  Jammy's
-    Noel Brown As Masha And The Realities- One Day Belly Full+Version By Food Clothes And Shelter(7")/ Top Rancking
-    Grubrick- Top Ranking Ja + Version By Stuio One Band(7")/ Weed Beat

Dernierement j'ai également participé au projet de rockin Rocco avec Livity international et Incondemus
Vous pouvez écouter ça sur Talawa Mixcloud et You Tube

Reggae Unity: Back-to-Back Session
Talawa: … sion-lbfDQ
Mixcloud: … k-session/
You Tube:

Tracklisting :
01 - Haile Selassie speaks in Palace Garden Addis Ababa 5.5.1941
02 - Capital Letters - Rasta Seh (BBC John Peel Session)
03 - Carol Kalphat & Clint Eastwood - African Land
04 - Count Ossie & Rasta Family - Africa We Want To Go
05 - Johnny Clarke - None Shall Escape The Judgment
06 - Johnny Clarke - Jah Bless Joshua   
07 - Augustus Pablo - King David Melody
08 - Sista Naffi-i - Calling & Dub
09 - Zap Pow - This Is Reggae Music
10 - Leroy Brown - Help Us Oh Jah
11 - Barrington Levy - My Light & Salvation
12 - J Robinson ft. Donovan Kingjay - Never Fail & Dub
13 - Dambala - Zimbabwe (Extended)
14 - Ramon Judah - Signs
15 - Fu-Steps/Bush Chemists - Wicked Men & Dub
16 - Solo Banton - First World Problem
17 - Johnny Osbourne - No Lollipop No Sweet So
18 - Michael Prophet - Evil Doers
19 - Don carlos - No Trouble This
20 - Ras Iyah - More Warriah
21 - Wellette Seyon - Blessed Ethiopia
22 - Time Unlimited - Africa We Are Going Home
23 - Sheila Rickards - Jamaican Fruits of African Roots
24 - King Tubby And Prince Phillip - The Dub Station
25 - I David - Shaka Zulu & Tribal Dub
26 - Principal - Word Is Jah + Dub
27 - Alpha & Omega - Rastafari
28 - King Alpha - Salute & Dubs 1&2 Ft. Black Omolo

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Voici le podcast de cette semaine.
Bonne écoute.

Positive Station(Podcast 76) … t-76-N1yzw
Mixcloud: … odcast-76/

-   Rita Marley- Come To Me(7")/  Wincox Records
-   John Holt- Ali Baba(7")/  Treasure Isle
-   The Reggae Boys- Selassie(7")/  Upstepper Records
-  Johnny Clarke- Move Out Of Babylon+ A Moving Version By King Tubby And Aggrovators(7")/  Clocktower Records
-   Naggo Morris- Su Su Pan Rasta(7")/  Joe Gibbs
-   The Culture- I'M Not Ashame(7")/  Joe Gibbs
-  Junior Delgado- Away With You Fussing And Fighting+ King David's Melody By Augustus Pablo(7")/  Greensleves
-   Uwimana'- Empress Menen+Empress Dub By Well Blessed Band'(7")/ Jah Youth
-   Judah Eskender Tafari- Jah Lopve+ Freedom Dub By Will Tee(10")/ Black Redemption
-  Mattic Horns- Ancient Harmonys And Melodys+Ancient Tradition Of Dub By Gussie P The Sip A Cup Family(10")/ Sip A Cup Records
-    Scientist Metts The Roots Radics- Jah Army(LP")/ Channel One

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Voici le nouveau podcast en en écoute.
Big Up

Positive Station(Podcast 77) … t-77-RY5yR
Mixcloud: … odcast-77/
- Max Romeo- If Them Ever+Dub Wise By Randy's All Stars (7") /  Wisdom
- Delroy Webster- Marcus Prophecy(7")/ The Buke Star
- Leroy Stewart- Oh Dread Locks(7")/ The Buke Star
- Bunny Lie Lie- Take It Easy Girl+Version(7")/ The Buke Star
- Bunny Lie Lie- Something Going To Happen+Version(Mixed By King Tubby)(7")/ Big Nail
- Wailing Souls- Bredda Gravalicious+Version(7") / Massive
- Ricky Grant- Penitentiary Life+ Penitentiary Dub By Roberto Sanchez(10")/ Truthtown Prod
- The Disciple-Disaster Remix(10")/ Mystic
- Vivian Jones And Disciples-Bad Mind + Big Bout Ya Dub By Disciples Riddim Section(7")/ Disciples Records
- Uprising Sound Feat Dan I-Seeking The Irator+ Irator Dub By Uprising Sound(7")/  Imperial Roots

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Bonjour, je suis étudiante en sciences humaines. et je fais une recherche sur les styles vestimentaires..Je vous propose de prendre quelques minutes de votre temps pour répondre à mon questionnaire (environ une dizaine de minutes )

Je vous remercie pour votre aide ! … A/viewform

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Salut ,
Voici le dernier podact.
Bonne écoute
Positive Station(Podcast 78)

Talawa: … t-78-eCc3k
Mixcloud: … odcast-78/

- Bob Marley And Brentford Band- Just In Time(7")/ Muzik City  Records
- Ezkeil Parchement- West Berut+Arafat Dub(7") / Black Solidarity
- Hugh Mundell- Rasta Have The Handle+Dub(10")/ Jah Guidance
- Barrington Levy- Robin Hood+Dub(10")/ Jah Guidance
- Barry Brown- RunWicked Man(Discomix)(12")/ Channel One Records
- Leroy Mafia- Babylon+Down Here By Mafia And Fluxy(7")/ High Stepper
- Far East-Backward Never+Forward Dub By Nyabin Meets Dougie Conscious(7")/  Diop Dub
- Takana Zion-La Voie Du Mount Zion+ Dub To Zion By Manjul(10") Humble Ark Records
- Les Singes Verts- Jacky+ On My Own(7")/ BLR Studio

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Apres deux mois d'absence c'est le retour du podcast.Avec pour cette reprise 3 Heures de sélections.Big Up

Positive Station (Podcast 79)
Talawa: … t-79-o29vN
Mixcloud: … odcast-79/

- Manwel T-Freedom Stepper+Freedom Dub(7")/ Dubkey
- Jah Warrior -Musical Message+Message Dub(7")/ Jah Warrior Records
- Anthony B-Universal Struggle+Dub 1(12")/ Star Trail
- Anthony B- Highest Grade+Nish Wadada"Royal Salute+Dubwise(12") / Blackboard Jungle
- Micah Shemaiah - Dread Act+Dread Act Dub By Russ D (7")/ Tattu
- Micah Shemaiah- Do Right+The Right Dub By Unlisted Fanatic(7")/ Sir Runnin' Records
- Micah Shemaiah And Mark Wonder- Jah Is The Way(7")/ Hit Bound
- Micah Shemaiah And Rassi Hardknocks- Legal (7")/ Hit Bound
- Selah-Praises To Jahovia(7")/ Afrikan Blump
- Gary Minott-Keep On Moving(7")/ Afrikan Blump
- Muscle Emanuel-Nagging(7")/ Afrikan Blump
- Hiyah Rems-Place Whe You Come From(7")/ Afrikan Blump
- Razamos-Living In Danger(7")/ Afrikan Blump
- Tony Rebel-Hi-Ly Name(7")/ Afrikan Blump
- Mark Wonder-The Worlds Needs Love(7")/ Afrikan Blump
- Mykal Rose- Lightning And Thunda(7")/ Afrikan Blump
- Lutan Fyah-Kick Babylon(7")/ Afrikan Blump
- Orville(Ringo)Roots- Angel To Me+ Version(7")/ Angel Poxer
- Brian And Tony Gold- Free At Last+Version(7")/ 2b Productions
- Eddie Fitzroy- MR Boss Man+ Version Cas Cas By Mafia And Fluxy(7")/ Scorpio
- Jah Shaka-Giver Of Life+Life Time Dub(12")/ Jah Shaka Music
- Ras Tuffy Irie-Hail Rastafary+Hail Dub +Dub Fari+Version(12")/ Dubskrollz
- Joseph Lalibela- Iam An Ethiopian+For Hi.I.M Glory By Far East Meets Sista Habesha And Ras Moa(12") / Jah Souljah
- Temppeli- Meneliks Journey+ Verse2 (12") / Temppeli
- Calim Steppa-Om Namah Shivaya+ Dub Version(10")Nyahbinghi Dub
- Indica Dubs And Forward Fever-JahLead Us+ Dub Lead Us(7") Indica Dubs
- Indica Dubs Meets Uprising Souns-Militant Dub+ Dub The Bass(7") Indica Dubs
-- Sandeeno And Conscious Sounds- War Is Not Answer+Star Wars Dub(10") / Jah Tubbys

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Voici la nouvelle session,bonne écoute à toutes et à tous

Positive Station(Podcast 80) … t-80-aZNUb
Mixcloud: … odcast-80/

- Dub Specialist- Dub Creation(7")/ Studio One
- Vivian Jackson And The Sons Of Jah- Jah Vengeance+Tubby's Vengeance By The Sons Of Jah(7")/ Micron
- Michael Rose- Observe Life+Obserbing Dub By Upsetters(7") / Upsetter
- Dennis Walks- Roast Fish And Corn Bread+Version By Roots Radics Band(7")/ Arrival
- Dennis Brown And The Crystalites -Changing Times + Version(10")/ Trojan
- Freddie Mcregor- Rastaman(7")/ Observer
- Jub Tate- African Girl+Version(7")/ Marcus
- Ritchie Mack-Love And Understanding(12") /Sharp Axe Records
- Barry Brown-Far East (Discomix)(12") /Channel One Records
- Junior Delgado And Daddy Freddy- Goldfinger+ Version (12")/ Gussie P
-Gregory Isaacs-Nobody Know+Club Mix (7")/ Bun Gem Records

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Salut à toutes et à tous!
Voici le podcast de la semaine!
Bonne écoute!

Positive Station(Podcast 81) … t-81-qnZOT
Mixcloud: … odcast-81/

- Les Singes Verts- Fellow Men(7")/ Les Singes Verts
- Jah Bast And Ras Digby Feat Almajah Horns- Ancient Wisdom (12")/ Soul Of Anbessa
- Little Roy- Man You Better Come First+Roberto Sanchez"Man You Better Dub First(12")/ Mansa Records
- Earl Sixteen- Run Away (12")/ Mansa Records
- Sista Beverley- Rasta Woman+Rasta Woman Dub(7")/ Iroko
- Al Campbell Feat General Lee And TrinityJah Love(Extended Mix) Jah A Me Right Hand Man(12")/   High Power Music
- Jah Woosh-Jah Is The Ruler+Ruler Version(12")/ Original Music
- BDF (Baske Dub Foundation- Lightning And Thunder+Lightning Dub+Thunder Dub(12") / One In The Spirit

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Comme chaque semaine voici le nouveau podcast!
Bonne écoute!

Positive Station(Podcast 82) … t-82-WuluK
Mixcloud: … odcast-82/

- Owen Grey- Natty Bongo(7")/ Justice League
- Stranger Cole- Time Is Now +Leroy Heptones"Revolution"(12")/ Wackie's
- Junior Delgado- Forward Revolution+Revolution Dub By Rockers All Stars(7")/ Message
- Rypton Hylton(Eek-A-Mouse)- My Fathers Land+Land Dub By Eek-A-Mouse All Stars(7")/ Eek-A-Mouse Records
- Eek-A-Mouse- Creation+Creation Dub By Eek-A-Mouse All Stars(7")/ Eek-A-Mouse Records
- Junior Reid- Sister Dawn+ Upfull And Bright Dub By Scientist And Negus Roots At King Tubbys(7")/ Fire House
- Voice Of Progress- Gun Gun+ Come Ya Brother Dub By Negus Roots Players(7")/ Fire House
- High Smile Hifi Feat Koa Aloy- Tell Dem+Version' By High Smile Hifi(12")/ Top Smile Records
- Robert Lee- Put Down+Version(7")/ Diop Side

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Salut à toutes et à tous,
Voici le nouveau podcast de la semaine.
Bonne écoute!

Positive Station (Podcast 83) : … t-83-iEnfM
Mixcloud: … odcast-83/

- Mona Baptist- Tabu(LP") / Honest Jons Records
- Bélénou- Omaj Pou Danyèl(LP")/ Léritaj
- Dadawah- Seventy-Two Nations(LP")/ Flower Power
- Burning Spear- Social Living(12")/ Island
-Yabby U- Lady Lady(12")/ King Sounds
- Jimmy Riley- We're Gonna Make It+ Dub Maker By Family Man(7")/Fam's
- The Ability- Rasta Never Give Up+Praise Jah By Sky High Tension(7")/ Sky High
- The Jay Tees- Forward To Jah+ Dub By Brentford Rockers(7") / Studio 1
- Fabienne Miranda- Destiny+Version (7")/ Ruby's Records

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Une nouveautée  pour"positive Station"
A écouter chaque dimanche sur à partir de 18h,live and direct!
Big up!

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Voici le premier extrait du live  sur RastFm
Vous pouvez écouter tous les Dimanche à partir de 18h sur RASTFM

Positive Station(Chapter 84) sur Rastfm
Talawa: … stfm-O0nD6
Mixcloud: … on-rastfm/

(Générique: Butch Cassidy Sound System Radiactive)
- Derrick Morgan- You'll Never Know(LP")/ Reggae Retro Records
- Bunny And Skitter- A Little Mashin+Rico Special By Rico Rodriguez(7")/ Rand'ys
- Alton Ellis- My Time Is The Right Time(7") / Ellis
- Maria Anderson- Cottage By The Sea Side(7")/ Cobra
- Veronica Adams-Believe In What You See+ Wiseman Dub By Mighty Clouds(7")/ Locks
- KC White- Man No Dead(7")/ Kc Soul Proof
- Lester Sterling- The Big Job(7")/ Attack
- The Rebels-Rohdésia(7") /Black Wax
- Jah Wobble And Diggery Perkins-Ascention(Chapter 1 And 2)(10") /Pressure Sounds
- Diggery KenrickAnd The Prophet All Stars- Oppression part 1 And 2 (10")/ National Bird
-The Revolutionnaries-"pre Release Dub"(LP")/ Revolutionary Sounds
-Dizzy Flemmings-Ressurection(12")/ Karat
-The Maat Disciples-Strenght Of I Pharaoh+Dub Of I Pharoh By The Soul Agitators(12")/ Ka Records
-Courtney John-Strangers(Version)+Strangers(7")/ Gee Recordings
-Earl 16 Feat Vin Gordan And Praise-Love Without Feeling+Dub With Feeling(7")/ Merge Production
- Anthony Que- Rise+ Version By Disciples Riddim Section(7")/ Backyard Movements
- Disciples- Eastern Fire(12")/ One In The Spirit
- Dan I- 72 Nations+Dub(12")/ Ghettocity Productions

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Salut voici la derière émission enregistrée il y a un instant
Vous pouvez retrouver le show tous les Dimanche sur

Positive Station-Chapter 85 On Rastfm … stfm-KDcNk
Mixcloud: … on-rastfm/

- Bob Andy And Tyrone Evans- You And I Are Campany(7") / I Anka
- The Wailing Souls- Fire Deh A Muss Muss Tail+Version(7")/ Topshot
- Pablo Moses- I Man A Grass Hopper+Version(7")/ Rebirth Records
- Sylford Walker- Book Of Old Testament+ Jah Stitch"Jah Spoke Unto Moses(12")/ Art And Craft
- Ras Nyto And The Aggrovators- Working Man(10")/ Reggaeretro
- Ken Boothe- When I Fall In Love(7")/ Stricker Lee
- Don Carlos- Money And Women(7")/ Attack
- Barry Brown- Politician(7")/ Gorgan
- Barry Brown- Them Ha Fi Geat A Beatin(12")/ Flabba
- Freddie Mckay- Another Week End(7")/ Volcano
- Johnny Osbourne- Kiss Some body(7")/ Volcano
- Johnny Osbourne- Ice Cream Love+ Version By Roots Radics Band(7")/ Volcano
- Johnny Osbourne- Love Is Universal+ Version By Roots Radics Band(7")/ Volcano
- Johnny Osbourne- Freelance Lover+ Version By Roots Radics Band(7")/ Volcano
- Johnny Osbourne- No Lollipop No Sweet So+ Version By Roots Radics Band(7")/ Volcano
- Johnny Osbourne- Give A Little Love+ Baccara(10")/ Jah Guidance
- Johnny Osbourne- I'm Moving Up(7")/ Ossie
- Johnny Osbourne- Little Sound Boy(7")/ Digital B
- Johnny Osbourne- In The Area(What A La La)+Version By High Time Band(7")/ Jammy's
- Leroy Brown- Time So Hard(7")/ Prince Jammy's Dub
- Super Black - One Time Girlfriend+ Version(12")/ Jammys
-Conroy Smith-Original Sound+ Version (7") Waterhouse