Sujet: Your man by Dennis Brown

Hi breddas!

Could anyone help me to complete and correct the lyrics of this song by Dennis Brown?

You make me ??? my ??? so ???
Although ??? be together by and by
??? so good ??? for us
Each other will never be ???

You captured my heart so swiftly
I gave it to you gladly
Lately I've been seen changes
You don't what I ??? be your man

Greetings from Peru!



Re: Your man by Dennis Brown

Salut et bienvenu sur le site airofjah.

Well I haven't spent the night on this but with a few trials I got this;

"Woman..... Woman...

You make feel my whole ("shabang"??)
So we could be together by and by.... Yeah
There will be some good days ahead for us
Each other we'll never be adjust. Yeah

You captured my heart so swiftly
I gave it to you gladly
Baby I've been seing changes
You don't want me to be your man

Your man.... Your man... Your man, never be your man
Your man yeah
Shoobidoo shoo... Oh yeah

What it is that I haven't got? Yeah
For it seems to (gradualy love each short takes/steps we?????)
Love is all I really really got to give. Yeah
Got your heavy/every love woman(?).... Got your heavy/every love right now
Woman... Baby...
Your love... Your love... Your love"

Hope this helps!?
The tough part is the sentence starting with "for it seems", I'm really not sure what to make out of the end of it...

Hello to Peru!

We're all stardust...


Re: Your man by Dennis Brown

Hi Mata Hari. Thanks for your help!
The first part of the song was complicate to me. Your answer has helped me a lot.


Re: Your man by Dennis Brown

No problem airofjah, you're welcome.

Glad this helped a bit.
Maybe some members better than me with Reggae "slangs" will provide some sharper insights.


We're all stardust...