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Best Ofs de D. Brown & King Tubby chez Trojan
26/05/16 - par
Best Ofs de D. Brown & King Tubby chez Trojan

Le mythique label anglais Trojan, chargé un temps de distribuer la musique jamaïcaine en Angleterre, a récemment sorti deux best-ofs d'artistes disparus mais incontournables de la musique yardie : le prince du reggae Dennis Brown et le roi du dub King Tubby. Toutes deux composés de deux CDs, les compilations rassemblent chacune des titres essentiels de la carrière des deux hommes. Le premier regroupe notamment Money In My Pocket, Revolution, Wolves And Leopards ou encore Sitting And Wathcing, et le second Kingston Town Dub avec The Dynamites, la version du Stalag avec les Techniques ou encore Curly Dub avec Augustus Pablo.

Tracklists :

Best Of Dennis Brown :
Money In My Pocket
Wolves And Leopards
Love Has Found Its Way
Tenement Yard
Equal Rights
Here I Come Again
Ain’t That Loving You
No More Will I Roam
How Can I Leave You
This Tribulation
Party Time
Westbound Train
I'm Coming Home Tonight
Africa (We Want To Go)
Sitting And Watching
Oh Girl (You Are My Inspiration)
Historical Places
The Exit
Wildfire – Dennis Brown & John Holt
Man Next Door
Here I Come
Girl I’ve Got A Date
Your Man
Children Of Israel
Why Seek More
Halfway Up, Halfway Down
Blood Sun
Three Meals A Day
Whip Them Jah Jah
Open Up
Hold On To What You’ve Got
I Can’t Stand It
If This World Were Mine
Let Me Love You
Have You Ever
Lost Without You
Your Love’s Got A Hold On Me
Revolution Part 2

Best Of King Tubby :
Buckshot Dub - King Tubby & The Rupie Edwards All Stars
Straight To The Capitalist Head – King Tubby & Horace Andy & The Aggrovators
Kingston Town Dub – King Tubby & The Dynamites
No Conscience – King Tubby & Dennis Brown & The Soul Syndicate
The Big Rip Off – Augustus Pablo & King Tubby
African Roots – King Tubby & Jackie Edwards & The Aggrovators
V/S Panta Rock - King Tubby & Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & The Upsetters
Dubbing With The Observer – King Tubby & The Observer All Stars
Stalag 17 Version – King Tubby & The Techniques All Stars
More Warning – King Tubby & Augustus Pablo & The Aggrovators
Blacula Version – King Tubby & The Crystalites
Coming Home – Dennis Brown & King Tubby & The Observers
Dr. Satan’s Echo Chamber - King Tubby & The Rupie Edwards All Stars
I Trim The Barber – Jackie Edwards & King Tubby & The Aggrovators
Red Moon – King Tubby & The Dynamites
Casanova Dub – King Tubby & The Observer All Stars
Curly Dub – Augustus Pablo & King Tubby
A Harder Version - King Tubby & The Aggrovators, feat. Johnny Clarke
Bass And Drum Version - King Tubby & The Crystallites
Dub Organiser - King Tubby & Dillinger & The Upsetters
A Noisy Place - Horace Andy & King Tubby & The Aggrovators
My Time Observer Style - King Tubby & Dennis Brown & The Observer All Stars
Spangy Dub - King Tubby & The Rupie Edwards All Stars
Three Times Three - Max Romeo King Tubby & The Upsetters.
Dancing Roots - King Tubby & Cornel Campbell & The Aggrovators
Dub 68 - King Tubby & Horace Andy & The Observers
King Tubby’s (City Dub) – King Tubby & The Dynamites
Tangle Locks – King Tubby & The Groovemaster
Roots Of Dub - King Tubby & The Aggrovators
Straight To Bunny Lee Head - King Tubby & Dennis Brown & The Observer All Stars
House Raid – Augustus Pablo & King Tubby
Drum Rock - King Tubby & The Upsetters
A Ruffer Version - King Tubby & Johnny Clarke & The Aggrovators
Rebel Dance – King Tubby & The Observers
Nothing is Impossible Version (aka Back Out) – King Tubby & The Techniques All Stars
Concentration Version 3 – King Tubby & Dennis Brown & The Crystalites
A Social Version - Johnny Clarke & King Tubby & The Aggrovators
Fire From The Observer – King Tubby & The Observers
Dub Star – King Tubby & The Dynamites
King Tubby At The Controls – Big Joe & King Tubby

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