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Mighty Diamonds Anthology : 'Pass The Knowledge'
16/09/13 - par
Mighty Diamonds Anthology :

VP et 17 North Parade ont choisi de mettre les Mighty Diamonds à l'honneur pour leur prochaine anthologie. L'album "Pass The Knowledge" sortira le 30 septembre et regroupera 40 tunes du trio légendaire. Des classiques incontournables ("Right Time", "I Need A Roof", "Pass The Kutchie"...) aux titres plus inédits (dont 5 versions dubplates), la tracklist ravira les fans du groupe et de reggae roots authentique.

Tracklist :
01.Back Weh (You No Mafia)
02.Right Time
03.Have Mercy
04.Just Can't Figure Out
05.Jah Jah Bless the Dreadlocks
06.Jail House
09.Shame and Pride
10.Country Living
11.I Need a Roof
12.Ghetto Living
14.Gypsy Woman
15.Keep On Moving
16.Just Like a River
17.Let Jah Sun Shine
18.Swell Headed (Dubplate)
19.I Want to Know (Dubplate)
20.Rocky Road (Dubplate)
21.Pass the Kouchie
24.Gates of Zion
25.Brother Man
26.Morgan the Pirate
27.Eyes on Africa
28.Jah Will Work It Out
29.Pray Unto Thee
30.Tamarind Farm
31.Mr. Chin Slippers
32.Pass the Knowledge
33.Let the Dollar Circulate
34.Heads of Government
35.Fight It Out There
36.(This Is) Party Time
37.Hypocrite (Dubplate)
38.Survival (Dubplate)
39.Lovely Lady
40.The Last Dance (Last Waltz)

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